TV Aerials Pontefract, Aerials Pontefract

TV Aerials Pontefract, Aerials Pontefract

TV Aerials Pontefract, Aerials Pontefract


With access to a good digital TV signal (which of course we can help you with if your aerial needs upgrading or re-aligning), you can have access to a whole range of digital entertainment, sport, current affairs and interactive channels, as well as music radio and TV for free using Freeview.

There are currently over 100 Digital TV and Radio channels available, with the digital signal offering greater clarity of sound and picture than analogue signal, you can benefit from this technology straight away.

If you already enjoy Freeview but would like to upgrade to Freeview+, Freeview HD or Freeview Play, Active Aerials can help you too.

Freeview Features

 • Over 70 FREE Digital television channels
 • More than 30 FREE Radio Stations
 • Freeview has no monthly charges, no contracts and no subscriptions
 • Freeview+ provides direct recording of your favourite TV shows
 • Freeview HD also provides free 15 High Definition channels
 • Digital picture and audio quality

Upgrade Options


Freeview+ provides anyone with a Freeview+ digital receiver and the ability to record their television programmes of choice without the need for tapes/DVD’s or a separate hard drive recorder. The Freeview+ digital television receiver incorporates all the technology of standard Freeview, but also features a hard drive to store all your recorded programmes. You can also pause, rewind and fast forward live TV which is really handy when you want to make a cup of tea!

Freeview HD

Freeview HD is already being broadcast to many homes. This exciting new broadcast means you could receive the highest of quality digital signal and improved picture and audio quality, still with no monthly costs or contracts. Freeview HD improves the already fantastic digital television reception, and provides a greater range of home viewing entertainment.

Freeview Play

Freeview Play is live TV and on demand, all in one place. Watch catch up through your TV guide and access last week’s shows, on demand without lifting a finger.

Find programmes from BBC iPlayer, the ITV Hub, All 4, Demand 5 and UKTV Play sitting alongside over 70 digital channels and 15 HD channels. As ever with Freeview, there’s no monthly fee.

Contact us today to discuss how we can bring the wonders of Freeview to your TV!

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TV Aerials Pontefract, Aerials Pontefract

TV Aerials Pontefract, Aerials Pontefract

TV Aerials Pontefract, Aerials Pontefract

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